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What is it?

The Dev Bootcamp is an intense, focussed 3-month Software Development Training and Mentorship Program where learners are trained and mentored by experienced software developers.

The vast majority of IT grads struggle to find jobs because they lack experience. The Bootcamps will teach you everything you need fast-track you into a coding career.

Who is it for?

The Bootcamp is for anyone who is serious about learning professional software development. Whether you are a matriculant (or not even), a university graduate or a professional who wants to learn coding, the Bootcamp is for you.

How is the learning and teaching done?

We use a blended learning approach – part online, part face-to-face. You will learn the concepts online, and attend face-to-face session twice a week for two hours each via webinar.

What will I learn?

You will learn valuable skills such as:

  • Developing secure, high performance, scalable, reliable Web Applications connected to a database
  • The full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle): Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment
  • Object Oriented development
  • MVC Architecture
  • Service-Oriented architecture
  • Front and Back/End Development
  • Working with Development Frameworks
  • Creating and working with Content Management Systems
  • Agile Development
  • Software Testing
  • Version Control
  • Problem solving
  • Project Management
  • Team leading
  • Working with local and distributed teams

In short, all the latest technologies that Pro App Developers around the world use.

By the time you’ve finished the Bootcamp, you will have initiated, completed and deployed at least one website and two fully-fledged web application projects in development teams headed by a professional and experienced app developer. We’ve really thrown everything into this one!

What technologies are covered?


Who will be my teacher/mentor?

About the Trainer

DSC_0095Bilal Kathrada (right) is an award-winning app developer, software engineer, lecturer and mentor.

He is the wnner of the Vodacom AppStar award 2012, runner up in the SITA Diakanyo award in 2012 and finalist in the MTN App of the Year award 2017.

Bilal has worked with a number of notable companies like Vodacom, Blackberry and the Morevest Group. Bilal has lectured at the Durban University of Technology and University of KwaZulu Natal in a career spanning 17 years, and has taught and mentored dozens of people.


What do I need?

You will need a laptop and a good, fast internet connection. Other than that, all you need are some basic IT skills, a passion for software development, and a lot of grit; we will do the rest in providing you with the all the basic skills that you will need as a professional software developer.

How are the Bootcamps different from other programming courses?

From the outset, the Dev Bootcamps are not just programming courses. They are intense software development mentorship programs where learners are trained and mentored by experienced developers so that they themselves become competent entry-level software developers.

Are the Bootcamps accredited?

No. The Dev Bootcamps are not accredited. The entire focus of the Bootcamps is to graduate world class developers whose accreditation is their own skill; and that is what most companies care about these days.

For students who wish to acquire an accredited qualification, we suggest our one year accredited App Developer course. Please click here for more details.

I’ve never written a line of code before – will I cope?

Absolutely. We start every Bootcamp from the absolute basics, and work at the pace of the attendees. So even if you haven’t coded before, you will definitely cope as long as you are internally motivated and are willing to work hard.

What does it cost?

The price is R9995-00. We have easy payment options available too.

Awesome! When can I start?

Any time! You can start learning any time you want because your learning will be done online. Your mentor will get in touch to discuss a suitable day of the week and time for your face-to-face sessions.