Geek Girl of The Week, Hlengiwe Ngcamu

Say Hey to IT varsity’s Geek Girl of The Week, Hlengiwe Ngcamu from the App Development class.

App Development student, Hlengiwe Ngcamu is IT varsity's Geek Girl of The Week!

App Development student, Hlengiwe Ngcamu is IT varsity’s Geek Girl of The Week!

Tell us about yourself..

I am Hlengiwe Ngcamu and I’m 25 years old. I was born and raised in the city of Pietermaritzburg but I am currently staying in Durban.

What are you studying at IT varsity?

App Development

Why did you choose to study this particular course?

I chose to study App Development simply because I wanted to upgrade my programming skills, explore website building and I have a great interest in mobile apps. Also, I have chosen this course as a new learning channel for myself and a I always wanted a career path in IT.

Now that you’re almost through the year with your studies, how do you feel about it?

Extremely happy and excited and rather impressed as well by the number of programming languages that I have learnt here at IT varsity.

So, what have you learnt so far in App Development?

Mobile apps, Java, CSS, PHP, HTML5, to name a few. I have also learnt to challenge myself when it comes to developing and to also broaden my creativity. 

Do you plan on furthering your studies in the near future?

Yes, most definitely! I would like to do my BTECH in IT soon.

Tell us more about your IT varsity experience…

IT varsity feels just like a home to me. It is so great that each student gets one-on-one attention in the class and I feel that this creates a healthy mind and healthy learning environment as well. Our lecturers are amazing too; they are always helpful to us and are easily approachable .

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Probably in a managerial position in an IT company, with my MBA or Masters in IT. I have good business sense as well so I could also be in the field of business.

Wonderful stuff, Hlengiwe! Keep up the great spirit always. IT varsity is proud to have you as our GeekGirl of The Week.