Intro to App Development


So, you want to become a successful app developer who is going to create the next killer app? Let us show you how!

It is true that essential development skills are necessary, but they are not enough; you also need to know how to get your app to market.

What is it?

The Apptrepreneur course  is an intensive 3 month Cross-platform Mobile App Development course, geared to make you more than just a good app developer: it is designed to put you on the
road to becoming an app entrepreneur as well.

 Who should attend this course?

Whether you are a student, businessperson, professional, or anyone who wants to learn
how to develop apps and start an app business, this course is intended for you.


What do I need?
No previous experience is necessary. Whether you are a beginner keen to start writing your first App or a more experienced programmer seeking to update your skills, we cover
practical introductions to these App Development as well as tips and techniques used by
experienced web developers.

What will I learn?

You will learn the following:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Deploying your app to multiple platforms: using PhoneGap
  • Testing your app

How much is it?

The total cost is R4999

Awesome! When can I start?

Any time! You can start learning any time you want because your learning will be done online.

Who will be my teacher/mentor?

About the Trainer

Hi, my name is Maseeh and I’ll be your online teacher and mentor

I’m an experienced app developer and the winner of the IBM Youth Innovation Challenge


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